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The Nest Schools

Case Study


The Nest Schools
Location: Virginia


The Nest Schools wanted to expand their early childhood education program into Mechanicsville, VA, and purchased a vacated building for this purpose. Their goal was to maintain consistency in facilities across different states while protecting their unique branding. They provided a design blueprint to ensure adherence to their standards during the renovation and build-out process.


RI was tasked with managing the project from initial demolition to the grand opening.
The design blueprint provided by The Nest Schools was carefully followed throughout the renovation and build-out. The project included the construction of large classrooms, a kitchen/back office area, hallways, reception area, numerous bathrooms, and a large gymnasium.


The newly renovated facility in Mechanicsville, VA, now aligns with The Nest Schools’ standards and branding, ensuring consistency with their other locations. The project was successfully completed, contributing to The Nest Schools’ vision of raising kind, healthy, happy, and inspired children. RI is grateful for the opportunity to have been part of realizing The Nest Schools’ vision and expanding their early childhood education program.

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