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Baldor Specialty Foods Inc.

Case Study


Baldor Specialty Foods, Inc.
Location: Bronx, NY


Baldor Specialty Foods, Inc. had experienced rapid growth in both business and staff count and had run out of workable space for employees. They decided to substantially expand the size of their existing workspace. Recognizing the project would require design, furnishing, *and* construction, Baldor turned to a trusted partner – RI Workplace, who could handle it all for them, taking the job right off their plate.


We were brought in to design, build, and furnish the expanded workspace, offering the benefits of time-saving and cost-savings with a full-service solution. The project encompassed a range of features to meet the diverse needs of the growing company: glass walls and doors, raised flooring for efficient wiring access, open workstation areas, conference rooms, private offices, a welcoming reception lobby, and a fully-equipped pantry boasting high-end commercial appliances. We also delivered a workplace ‘inspiration café’ to cultivate creativity and collaboration. RI Workplace streamlined the process by serving as the single point of contact for the many different aspects of the project, saving the company time, money and logistical headaches.


Baldor’s new space offers much more room for staff to move around, and features key areas where they can relax with colleagues. The transformed workspace combines functionality and thoughtful layout with next-level aesthetics and design elements. Glass walls create an open and collaborative atmosphere, while private offices provide necessary secluded areas. The raised flooring ensures seamless wiring access, and the pantry equipped with high-end appliances adds a touch of luxury and convenience for staff. We’re pleased to report that Baldor and their team have reached out to us to say how much they love their new space.

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