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PowerPak Civil & Safety

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PowerPak Civil & Safety
Location: Congers, NY


PowerPak Civil & Safety, the USA’s leading source for utility and infrastructure supplies, outgrew their existing office and needed to take additional space in their current building to accommodate a growing team. They wanted the new space to have a “wow” factor. All this had to be achieved without disrupting the day-to-day operations of the business, and moving staff to work from home was not an option.


RI Workplace presented several design options for expanding the office within their current building. This allowed PowerPak to consider all angles and choose what would work best for their business. The office space was expanded into the existing warehouse and a mezzanine was built to gain optimal use of ceiling heights. Working closely with PowerPak’s team, RI Workplace developed a phased construction schedule which allowed the entire office staff to stay fully operational through the duration of the project. Dust barriers, noise cancellation and close project supervision were carefully maintained to avoid any negative impacts during construction. The new design incorporated less private office space and more huddle rooms and two large conference rooms for team collaboration. An additional café was added for warehouse staff and a small kitchenette/coffee bar was added to free up space in the main café during busy lunch hours. A better furniture layout was achieved allowing more usable space per square foot. The bathrooms were fully renovated to include individually built stalls with full height doors and walls for better privacy. The design aesthetics were selected to align with PowerPak’s industry. The open loft style with high ceilings, wood tones, high bay lighting and orange accents to match their branding blended well together. Space was made for a ping pong table where employees can take a quick break on the mezzanine overlooking a stunning 30-foot high wall mural of the New York City skyline.


PowerPak’s team is thriving in their new space. They appreciate that there is a lot more room to move and breathe and it’s not just an office; it’s a great place to be with colleagues, there is a good vibe, and the different work zones offer flexibility in getting tasks done. They have recently been given a ‘2023 Great Place to Work award’ meaning 90% of their employees say it is a great place to work compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S. based company. Here it is in their own words: “Very happy with the project delivery and finished product. The team here loves it and it has elevated the whole culture here. Your team was excellent to work with!”

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