Interior Design, Decorating and Branding

Let us create the perfect design scheme for your workplace. Inspiring interior design, decorating and workplace branding can transform a business. It can even change how you and your team feel about coming to work, whether your office is worth the commute or not.

We’re passionate about helping you achieve your dream work environment.

Our team has over 30 years of experience creating innovative, new design schemes for our clients – environments they’re excited and satisfied to work in, which bring people together and provide a forum for ideas to flourish. Ultimately, this allows our clients to grow their business and keep them ahead of the curve.

Our goal with every office project is to create a scheme that reflects the organization’s culture and aspiration, while catering to your people’s work patterns and needs. Inspiring, attractive, and productive design schemes boost your staff’s morale and energize them to do their best work. Creating this type of office is in our DNA.

3D Architectural Rendering

A 3D architectural rendering is a three-dimensional computer-generated image that shows clients what their design or architectural project will look like when it's built. 3D renderings are an essential tool for designers and architects, and an integral part of our design process here at RI - enabling our clients to see and get a feel for their ideal workspace before any renovation or construction work begins.

Renderings are delivered in the form of still images and walk-thru videos - a contemporary version of the traditional moodboard.

These designs can be shared with all decision makers within a company, allowing everyone on the project - and everyone who uses the space - to see, and feedback, on the proposed design.

Using the latest technology, we can add and remove interior features and design elements, change colours and create different design schemes. These changes in the real world, once a project has been started, can be time-consuming and costly - so this process supports our clients to avoid this.

A creative and enjoyable aspect of the design process for all parties, our 3D rendering service naturally gives our design team valuable insight and understanding into our client’s ambitions and visions for their space before they set to work on making it a reality - seamlessly, cost-effectively and on deadline.

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Innovative lighting, collaborative breakout areas, personalized color schemes, calming huddle spaces, shared kitchens, and connected meeting rooms are just some of the ways we achieve this.

Our bespoke design schemes and features allow us to create a sense of community and collaboration within your workplace. 


To design, build and future-proof your new space, our designers work with the latest workplace technology; implementing everything from smart lighting to the newest environmentally-conscious methods of reducing energy consumption. This ensures your space is set up for long-term success.

We pay as much attention to the natural resources your workspace has to offer as we do tech, ensuring your scheme has an abundance of fresh air, greenery and natural light. These aspects of an office are critical for promoting and maintaining your team’s wellbeing and productivity.


Your unique corporate branding is key to our design methods. Incorporating your brand into your workplace design is critical for maintaining your company reputation and image and giving your staff a sense of belonging and gratification. It also plays a critical role in hiring or attracting new workers. If your branding isn’t front and center in a design, what kind of design is it? 

Our design team utilizes your branding in a way that adds to the look, feel, and ambiance of your new office. We ensure it leaves a positive and powerful impression on your organization as a whole with all who enter your workplace. We understand the importance of getting your design style correct so we tell your company’s story accurately and powerfully.