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Why WFH when you can Work From Here?

A workplace with the best in mind for everyone - including the employer

RI creates intentional workplaces employees want to return to again and again. Employees have no desire to return to the office unless it’s a place that’s worth returning to – one that answers to all their needs and wants. So what does this all mean? Something has to give…

Introducing: Workplace Retreat

A ‘retreat’ is a place of calm. A sanctuary for re-energizing. A destination of joy. The ultimate in wellbeing. A space where bonds are formed, where our best selves and ideas come together effortlessly. A place you want to return to again and again.
Welcome to the concept behind RI’s Workplace Retreat. A fresh, new and unique workplace design solution that creates a desirable destination for employees of different age groups, lifestyles and personalities. A place of productivity and positivity that yields great results for employers.

What does a Workplace Retreat look like?

A Workplace Retreat brings into play all the elements that make an office pleasurable and productive to work in, tapping into the new world of ‘resi-mercial’ offices. It’s a space that provides flexible, multi-layered, multi-sensory areas that satisfy the needs and wants of all staff.

Why do I need a Workplace Retreat?

Employers across all industries are facing some of the most difficult challenges in their careers – top pain points including talent attraction, retention and performance, economic headwinds and shrinking budgets.
Research shows around 90% of employers want their teams back in the office to drive better results, but less than 50% of employees want to return.
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“Organizations with high levels of flexibility are almost three times more likely to see high employee performance.”

Gartner, Performance Management Delivers report

How does a Workplace Retreat differ from any other office?

A Workplace Retreat is an office that works for every employee.

The secret lies in the process we take to deliver your Workplace Retreat. Get in touch to uncover how we create a workplace that takes all workstyles and personality types into account ensuring the best is brought out in every employee.

Going to work is the new WFH

We’re encouraging companies to unlearn old habits and rethink their work design to create spaces that boost performance, morale, wellbeing, innovation, productivity, connectivity, sustainability, collaboration, reputation – and most importantly, results.
Increasing clients’ profitability by delivering workplaces in which employees thrive is the ultimate aim of RI’s Workplace Retreat concept.
Are you ready to maximize performance in your workplace?
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