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Case Study


Location: New York, NY


DL1961, a well-established manufacturer of durable, high-retention premium denim, faced the challenge of relocating their New York City headquarters. This move required comprehensive interior design, architectural planning and a ground-up, interior build-out to create a new, functional space that would serve as both their corporate headquarters and an impressive showroom for their clients.


DL1961 enlisted the expertise of RI Workplace, a long-standing vendor for their furniture needs. RI Workplace took on the challenge by providing a highly customized approach throughout the entire process. Our team worked very closely with DL1961 to create a space that answered all their requirements, including a spacious reception area, a large showroom, numerous conference rooms, open-area workstations, meeting pods, private offices, storage rooms, bathrooms, and a kitchen.


The collaboration and efforts between DL1961 and RI Workplace resulted in a successful and seamless relocation. The new office space now reflects a unique blend of aesthetics, incorporating detailed architectural features, finishes, and millwork that showcase a retro design with a modern Manhattan flare. This revamped headquarters not only meets DL1961’s functional requirements but also aligns with their brand image and provides an appealing setting for engaging with clients. The project’s success was acknowledged with gratitude and we are grateful to have been a part of this exciting milestone in DL1961’s journey.

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