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Hybrid & Flexible Workspaces

Hybrid and flexible workplaces, which strike the balance between remote-working and office-working, are increasing in popularity.

Our team will help you reimagine your space!

With companies getting back on track and back to business after the global pandemic, many leading organisations are now focused on reimagining and redesigning their workplaces to satisfy the needs and wants of their staff.

For the most forward-thinking companies, this means embracing a fresh, creative new workspace design, which responds to the needs of today. The hybrid and flexible workplace is a collaborative hub: a space for idea-sharing, problem-solving, and valuable face-to-face interaction amongst co-workers.

This is where RI comes in.
After all, office design is not just integral in reflecting your organizations’ identity and culture but also in helping people adapt to new ways of working.

Our design team will help you reimagine your space to create an environment, which not only looks and feels amazing, but works efficiently, is attractive, promotes productivity and adds value to your people’s working lives.


We do this by firstly carrying out an in-depth workplace analysis study, and gathering employee insights, which act as key ingredients in our design process.

With your input, our team will design and deliver a diverse range of spaces throughout your workplace. These zones would include plug-and-play areas for maximum access to technology, soft seating areas for comfort and maybe even a phone booth for private telephone calls. Allowing this level of flexibility in your workplace suits the needs of your hybrid workforce and tells your team you care about accommodating their working patterns properly. This is as far away from the boxed-off office spaces of yesteryear as you can imagine.

We’re excited to create the kind of workspaces that help our clients attract and retain talent and are equipped for today and years to come. Are you ready to discuss your dream workplace with us?