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Location: New York, NY


WeTransfer was looking to create an innovative and energetic workplace to foster creativity, connectivity and productivity and pay homage to the vibrant spirit of the city that never sleeps. Situated in the artsy district of Soho on the bustling hub of Varick Street, the company wanted to imbue its new workplace with its mission statement of simplifying the creative process and giving momentum to big ideas so emerging and established creators could see their full potential. Following the pandemic, WeTransfer saw the importance of adapting to a new way of working and sought to break down barriers with a hybrid, open-plan concept structured through a greater variety of multi-functional areas in their workspace.


RI Workplace was pleased to work alongside a UK-based design partner to help bring WeTransfer’s NYC hub to life. Partnering with WeTransfer, our team listened to their requirements and began delivering their ideal workplace, taking just eight weeks to complete construction. The new space includes traditional workstations designed for high-intensity focus work, height-adjustable desks for wellbeing, and touchdown tables to encourage collaboration and team interaction. A variety of meeting rooms and booths of different sizes allow for employee flexibility and to cater to WeTransfer’s young, dynamic workforce the space was designed with cozy lounges, refreshed communal areas, and lively collaboration areas for impromptu brainstorming sessions. A comfortable, informal all-hands space with soft furnishings and stylish wood accents champions the company’s tech-first sensibilities with a large central screen to encourage global collaboration with other hubs around the world, and to serve as an area to host company events and showcase projects to clients.


Overall, WeTransfer’s renovated workplace is a harmonious blend celebrating the typical industrial New York building, but with visually stimulating features such as a carefully curated selection of finishes and block coloring that reflect their branding. The design of the new office seamlessly incorporated bold furniture and the generous use of greenery not only fosters a more homely atmosphere but creates relaxing corners where people can disconnect and recharge. The space has fostered a sense of community and warmth between colleagues and brings people together to engage on a deeper level. In the words of our client, “The RI team was able to flawlessly deliver a beautiful refresh to our NYC hub in record time. From the weekly progress check-ins to the meticulous choosing of a kitchen cabinetry finish, RI displayed total care and confidence in their execution of our unique vision. The renovated space is adored by our employees and visitors alike and we now look forward to hosting events here! A huge thank you to the RI team for helping us discover the full potential of our workspace and being such a thoughtful partner in the process.”

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