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Corporate Essentials, LLC

Case Study


Corporate Essentials, LLC
Location: Parsippany, NJ


Corporate Essentials, LLC ‘fuels culture’ so people can ‘work happy’. A company who specializes in office refreshment services, they work with clients to promote positive workplace culture and better employee engagement by creating premium snack and beverage programs to fit their specific needs. Being in this business they saw the importance of having a workplace that aligned with their mission and sought to renovate their outdated office to better reflect their corporate values. The challenge was to transform their large existing workspace into an appealing environment that would further ‘fuel their company culture’ so their staff could ‘work happy’!


Working in collaboration with RI Workplace from the initial design stages right through to the complete build-out and furnishing, Corporate Essentials embarked on a comprehensive workplace transformation. The solution involved a meticulous approach to the layout of their space as well as finishes, colors, and lighting to authentically convey Corporate Essentials’ core values throughout the new space. The mission of our new design for their workplace was to create an environment where their staff would genuinely enjoy coming and working every day. The project encompassed the development of an inspiration café for brainstorming and socializing, a game area to encourage exercise and team bonding, an employee lounge, a commissary kitchen where they could safely prepare, cook and store their food products and equipment, private offices, workstation areas, conference rooms, and distinctive feature walls. Additionally, their was comfortable seating options incorporated including sofas and bean bag chairs to create a relaxing atmosphere, as well as accent walls to align with Corporate Essentials’ branding. 


Our partnership with Corporate Essentials was a great success. Their renovated and expanded workspace now truly embodies their company’s core values and culture. They are now enjoying amenities like a large café where they can display their snack and coffee products and make them accessible to their team. The collaborative spaces such as the inspiration café and game area stimulate creativity, innovation and team spirit and provide areas of relaxation and nourishment. The layout and variety of spaces included in the new design such as private offices, workstations, conference rooms and casual areas allow employees flexibility and choices of where they can work. The feature walls add visual appeal and personality to the space and reinforce Corporate Essentials’ identity. This new design we built for them recognizes the ever-changing needs of the work landscape. Corporate Essentials’s staff would tell you themselves that the whole employee experience has been enhanced and with one of their core values being ‘to generate excitement, happiness and fun’, the new headquarters has and continues to do just that.

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