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Marotta Controls, Inc.

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Marotta Controls, Inc.
Location: Parsippany, NJ 


Marotta Controls, Inc. a Top Workplaces 2022 winner and a fully-integrated solutions provider for aerospace and defense sectors, faced the challenge of accommodating rapid growth and required more production space. This meant they would have to free up space in their existing building in Boonton and relocate their executive and main business functions to a new location in Parsippany. 


RI Workplace had the privilege of designing a sleek, welcoming, and well-branded office for Marotta. The new office was designed to encourage modern ways of working and create an energetic vibe. The goal was to adapt to a formalized, hybrid work environment that promotes stronger employee collaboration and physical flexibility. The design included various collaborative seating areas, phone rooms, and conference rooms, providing staff with more choices and options for where and how they could work. A large café area was also created, allowing for break time, socialization, and a more casual work setting. Additionally, an impressive reception area and hallway were created, featuring inspiring images of their products in use as well as biophilia to enhance the overall ambiance. 


The new office space has allowed Marotta to adapt to their evolving work environment and accommodate their growing staff of 200+. The design provides ample space for employees to work and collaborate, reducing the need to remain seated at their desks for extended periods of time. The inclusion of various seating areas, conference rooms, and a café area promotes flexibility and promotes employee satisfaction. The visually-appealing reception area and hallway contribute to a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere. Furthermore, the new space houses a development lab for their power and control actuation technologies enabling Marotta to continue their innovative work in the aerospace and defense sectors without restriction.

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