Space Planning and Layout

Thoughtful, considered space planning is essential to the success of your organization.

Detailed floor plans and 3-D walkthroughs.

When done right, effective space planning has the potential to make your workplace a happier and healthier place to be, with the direct result of increased employee wellbeing, efficiency and productivity.

We’ve helped companies undergo vast positive change – just by helping them rethink and optimise their existing space and layout.

How do we do this?

There are several steps. Firstly, our workplace analysis allows us to focus on the patterns and rhythms of your people’s daily work patterns. We’re then able to determine which operations and roles are best suited to which physical spaces within your building, and match these accordingly.


Based on the information gathered during our site survey – and focusing on your workplace’s unique needs – we’ll develop a series of detailed floor plans and realistic 3-D renderings for you. We deliver these as part of an interactive presentation, which will allow you to fully visualize your new proposed layout and request alterations as necessary.

Together, we’ll talk through your future workplace, showing you how your team and workflow will benefit, and how your new space and layout will maximize efficiency throughout your organization. 


Once next steps are decided upon, we get to work on bringing your dream workplace to life.


Our team will help your team determine:

• How much space and the type of space you need
• The associated costs and savings
• Your future way of working and associated success

Doing this work at the beginning of the office redesign process will help you achieve an optimized property footprint, create savings across your property portfolio – and, just as importantly, create a space that will energize your current team and attract the very best new talent to your business.