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Gramercy Cardiac Diagnostic Services Inc.

Case Study


Gramercy Cardiac Diagnostic Services Inc.
Location: New York, NY


Gramercy Cardiac Diagnostic Services, PC was experiencing challenges with their office space as it was outdated and had inefficient workflow. They felt their work environment conveyed a poor image of their passion for patient care and were looking to upgrade the whole vibe of their space. With that in mind they reached out to RI Workplace to help them make significant changes. 


Listening to Gramercy’s challenges and their desire to revamp their entire office, our team stepped in and executed an all-in-one design/build solution. The project began with designing an entirely new floor plan to optimize workflow and address space inefficiencies. Once the layout was complete and approved by the client, our team selected beautiful finishes, artwork and vibrant colors to incorporate in the new design and create a space that was welcoming, cheerful and bright. The intent was to create an atmosphere where patients would feel comfortable and well cared for. 


The renovation was extremely successful. The entire environment was significantly improved and much more impressive for patients. Additionally, RI Workplace’s technical expertise played a crucial role in reinforcing a portion of the floor and integrating lead-lined infrastructure for a new PET scanner, further enhancing Gramercy’s diagnostic capabilities. Being a medical facility that performs the largest number of life-saving diagnostic cardiac PET scans worldwide, this was a very critical part of the project. The new space now portrays a much truer picture of the quality of their care and sets patients at ease.

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