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RI Workplace
Location: Saddle Brook, NJ


Outgrowing our existing workplace in Tappan, NY we began looking for new locations to create our dream workplace and showroom. In 2020, we relocated to our new home in Saddle Brook, New Jersey. When we obtained the space, it was outdated and lacking in character, but it was a blank canvas that had endless potential. 


As a team, we pulled together each other’s ideas and consolidated them into a blueprint for our new workplace. We formulated a design that combined various themes and aesthetics and served all our different employees’ needs. To do this, we incorporated different zones, collaborative spaces and offices. As our office would also serve as our showroom, it was important we created a space where clients could come and dream about the possibilities for their own space. We incorporated many new design features which we love and clients who visit love too: a  feature ceiling, feature glass panels, zoom rooms, beehives, a library, and an industrial kitchen that serves a great place to socialize and enjoy meals in.


Our team saw an opportunity to create a unique and inspiring space that would encapsulate what’s possible through our Dream. Design. Build. Transform. methodology – and that is what we did. We’re lucky enough to work in this space every day. Endlessly inspiring, motivating and comforting, we love being here. The excellent results we achieve for our clients is due in no small part to the environment in which we work. Both our staff and our clients alike love the space and we’re happy to be more centrally located to serve clients all over the Greater New York City area. 

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