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Confidential Coworking Firm

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Confidential Coworking Firm
Location: Parsippany, NJ


In Parsippany, NJ, a contemporary coworking space sought a transformative design to attract corporate clients in a hybrid work-world. They engaged our design team to infuse creativity into their existing building in New Jersey. Catering to a diverse clientele – spanning from entrepreneurs to medium-sized businesses, their vision aimed at establishing a boutique environment with hotel-style hospitality.


The collaboration with RI Workplace marked the inception of our design journey for their modernized space. In the post-covid era, where the significance of inviting and appealing spaces has heightened, our team acknowledged the crucial role of warmth, coziness, and friendliness in creating environments where people will truly want to come to – a home away from home. To align with our client’s vision, our design team meticulously formulated a palette aimed at infusing the space with a hospitable, luxurious and warm ambiance.


Incorporating natural tones, finishes, and cozy lighting, along with strategic placements of greenery and décor, our design achieved the sought-after hotel-style look. This aesthetic flawlessly complemented the variety of space types tailored to suit the diverse needs of workers and companies, ranging from private enclosed offices to open-style lounge areas. Expansive areas featuring plush rugs, fridges, and stylish countertops were strategically integrated to create an enjoyable, relaxing and vibrant atmosphere, with the goal of attracting and retaining new clients.The result is a design that intentionally embraces a more hospitable and homey vibe and is much less corporate than your typical office space. This will give them a unique niche in the coworking market. It blends the perfect balance between an office and home setting, offering all the comforts of home, complete with lamps, bookshelves and snack bars. Floor-to-ceiling windows, a spacious lounge and café are designed for collaboration and networking to enhance overall functionality.

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