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Introducing ri workplace retreat

RI Workplace Retreat is a unique and fresh workplace design solution that creates flexible, cost-effective and future-ready office spaces your employees will love - and which yield great results for CEOs.

A new design solution for the new world of work

An RI Workplace Retreat-designed office is not only a highly desirable destination for your team and potential new hires - it’s a space that has been created with their individual learning styles and personality types in mind - to deliver maximum results.

The Challenge:

Over 90% of CEOs want their workforce back in the office. Less than 50% of employees want to go back*.

The Solution:

RI Workplace Retreat (DP)

Over half of today’s employees say they want to ditch the commute and keep working from home. And yet, a huge percentage of today’s workforce also say they miss the collaboration, in-person meetings, and socializing opportunities of the office**.

A design rethink is integral for making the office a more inviting and compelling destination.

And an RI Workplace Retreat-designed office is the antidote to both challenges. Delivering to CEOs the kind of spaces their talented employees - and potential hires - will happily make the commute for. And giving employees the best elements of working from home and working from the office.

* HR Dive survey and LinkedIn report
** Indeed Survey

What does an RI Workplace Retreat office look like?

It looks like a multi-layered, multi-area and multi-sensory workplace that meets the dimensions of your space, your budget, your individual employees’ personalities, wants and needs – and your profitability goals. All the latest surveys show today’s office workers want a workplace with a variety of spaces, experiences and amenities to support their work and wellbeing. For many, top of the wish lists are:

  • Quiet/tech-free zones
  • Coffee and juice zones
  • Innovation hubs
  • Maker spaces
  • Focus rooms
  • Rest spaces
  • Outdoor workspaces
  • Meditation spaces
updated entryway for a modern office

As part of the RI Workplace Retreat solution, we will work with you to deliver any of all of the above, and more. Creating environments, tailored to your budget, that will attract, energise and retain staff – for increased productivity and ROI.

We put your people at the heart of our design

RI Workplace Retreat recognizes every employee is unique with different teaching and learning styles - and celebrates this through design.

Carrying out workplace personality analysis is a key tool in understanding ourselves and each other, and how we work and how we thrive in the workplace. It is one of the key areas we explore before delivering a plan for an intentional workspace that will bring out the best in every one of your employees.

Workplace Retreat for Landlords and Property Developers

Are you a property manager, developer or landlord looking to level up your property and maximize your returns?

RI Workplace Retreat is the ideal solution for you. We also provide a range of services for your further convenience: identifying renewable energy sources to align with your ESG goals, advice on government grants, plus asset improvement and optimization.

RI Workplace Retreat is the future of workplace design and a blueprint for commercial success. Would you like to start your journey with us?

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