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Tweezerman International, LLC

Case Study


Tweezerman International, LLC
Location: Port Washington, NY


Tweezerman International, LLC sought to revamp their large corporate office space in Port Washington, NY to better align with their prominent brand reputation and changing business needs. Their outdated office space posed some challenges and Tweezerman was concerned it would start restricting their team’s potential. They engaged RI Workplace to address these workplace inefficiencies and create a space that would ‘make their employees feel their very best’ – the same mission they have for the high-quality products they sell.


The grand reopening of their refurbished office stands as a significant milestone, creating an environment where their valued staff feel empowered, cared for and proud. The new design is clean, bright and airy. There’s a variety of space types and furniture giving staff flexibility and choices of where they can work. Every detail was meticulously considered. For instance, a dedicated coffee and snack “pocket room” was created with two separate entrances. There are sliding doors attaching it to the conference room and a main door to the hallway. The purpose of this was to give meeting coordinators the option to close the main hallway door and reserve the space to layout refreshments at client presentations and training sessions, or when food is not a desired part of a meeting, the sliding doors can be closed and the main door kept open and accessible to the rest of the office. The sliding doors to the conference room can also be utilized when food set-up needs to take place in privacy during meetings and revealed to attendees once their meeting is complete.


Together, we transformed their vision into reality. As Tweezerman continues to thrive, we are excited to be a part of their journey. Their new office now serves as a place of adaptability and collaboration. The grand reopening has unveiled an environment transcending the confines of a typical office space, exemplifying their dedication to employee well-being and performance. In Tweezerman‘s own words, “Our employees enjoyed our recent grand reopening of our newly renovated office space. Our new office space includes more casual workspaces along with increased natural light and modern collaboration areas equipped with state-of-the-art technology. We are delighted to be part of a company that continually strives to be the best place to work.”

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