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Location: Montvale, NJ


Jura Inc. is a innovator in high-quality, automatic coffee machines in the United States, bringing new sophistication, versatility, and ease of use to brewing espresso-based beverages at home. With a luxurious reputation and rapidly growing client base, they needed to relocate to a larger office that could serve as their U.S. headquarters. They acquired a two-story corporate office building in Montvale, NJ, but it required a total overhaul. Seeking a partner who could work with them to create their dream office, they partnered with RI Workplace. The goal was to create a simple but impressive, modern, and welcoming office environment that would attract, retain, and motivate top talent as well as serve as an impressive showroom for their clients. All of this had to be achieved in just two short months.


In response to Jura’s vision and timeframe, we were excited to kickstart the project offering a comprehensive design/build solution that saved them 30% of the time it would have taken if they had gone the traditional way. With our all-inclusive design/build solution, we executed the full renovation and were pleased to take the pressure of their management team’s plate. We handled everything from workplace strategy to ripping out and replacing old carpet and finishes. The new design considered the varying needs of their different departments and included new amenities for staff and clients to feel at home.


Despite the challenging timeframe, RI Workplace delivered Jura’s dream office on time and on budget. Their new, two-story U.S. headquarters is home to a large showroom with custom glass walls, a laidback, coffee shop-style café with seating areas where staff and visitors can enjoy special coffee products, social seating areas on the first and second floors as well as private offices, conference rooms and workstations. The new space has customized Jura-themed design features including coffee artwork, café-style seating, logo decals and more. Our collaboration with Jura was highly successful and we are grateful to have developed an ongoing relationship. In their own words: “RI Workplace exceeded our expectations. Everyone including our customers love the new space. Our employees’ morale has been uplifted. It is almost as if we are working for a different company! Now we have more windows with lots of light and the departments have been enhanced and are functioning better. People that never used to speak to each other are enjoying lunch time together. This all translates to more productive employees because they are more positive. They feel like they are working for someone higher than themselves.”

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