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Case Study

RI Workplace transforms an insurance firm’s office in New York City’s Financial District into an inspiring workspace enhancing their culture and employee satisfaction.


Located in New York City’s financial district, an insurance firm aimed to create an inspiring office environment. Their objective was to entice staff back to the office by surpassing their previous workspace standards. They sought a comprehensive design-build solution to renovate their office and elevate the overall employee experience.


  • RI Workplace provided a comprehensive design-build solution, starting with a project discovery meeting to grasp the client’s goals, brand essence, and functional requirements. The client visited our office for inspiration, leading to the presentation of multiple design options integrating modern aesthetics, ergonomic solutions, and flexible furniture choices for their 150+ staff.
  • The renovated workplace significantly enhances the daily work experience, stimulating employees to make the commute.
  • A spacious upstairs café serves as a central gathering point, fostering a stronger sense of community that remote work could not replicate.
  • Five boardrooms and meeting spaces, each named after a New York borough, cater to diverse meeting needs.
  • Both floors feature cafés and collaborative spaces for team-bonding.
  • Eye-catching design elements such as modern lighting, glass walls, wood beams, and a curved reception wall make it an impressive atmosphere.
  • An executive wing offers dedicated spaces including conference rooms, a private café, and individual offices with bird’s eye views of the New York Stock Exchange and Wall Street.

In the words of the client:

“Since the office project, we have had much better communication. The employees like the modern office. Hiring millennials – it appeals to them. They like to collaborate and exchange ideas. Productivity increases when employees are happy and in a more professional atmosphere. We are glad to have been able to endeavor this renovation together, and all think of RI Workplace first for our office needs. We followed their lead from planning the design to project completion. They are one of our most trusted vendors.”

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