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Austin Williams

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Austin Williams
Location: Hauppauge, NY


Austin Williams is a digital advertising agency based on Long Island about 40 miles east of Manhattan. The agency had outgrown their existing workplace and had purchased a new space. Their goal was to build an environment that looked like a Manhattan agency. Their mission was two-fold: create a space that made existing staff and clients proud, and one that would wow future clients and talent. In the words of Rick Chiorando, Austin Williams’ CEO and Chief Creative Officer, “The building literally was a giant box with concrete floors and wires hanging from the top.” RI Workplace’s job was to bring in the fun, color and character.


We worked hand and hand with the agency to understand their vision and were soon coming up with lots of exciting ideas. We created an open-plan workspace in the middle of the building, with C-suite offices situated around the edges. The space’s structure included a number of pillars, which we had to work around – we came up with some creative solutions for workspaces. Once the build was finished, we had fun working on specific sections of the space, creating ‘the runway’, ‘the game room’, and ‘the lab’.


In the words of Rick Chiorando, “If you’re in the market for upgrading your office, I could save you a lot of time. It’s RI you should really be talking to. The reason we did what we did here and the investment we made and the investment RI made in us really comes down to three things: It helps morale, people are thrilled to be here and proud of what they come to work in, it helps with retention and it helps with recruitment. When we are looking for new employees and they come in for an interview, I’ve seen it happen over and over. They walk into the main area, they look left and look right and they smile.”

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