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Prince Sterilization Services, LLC

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Prince Sterilization Services, LLC
Location: Pine Brook, NJ


Prince Sterilization Services, LLC is a premier provider of pharmaceutical and medical device steam, low temperature vaporized hydrogen peroxide, dry heat sterilization services and ready-to-use custom components located in Pine Brook, New Jersey. Experiencing challenges with their office space, they reached out to RI Workplace. Some issues they were having with their existing workplace included limited space capacity for a growing team as well as desiring to create a work environment that would improve their employee experience and portray a more professional image of their business.


RI Workplace was honored to work with Prince Sterilization Services from the initial design stage of their building right through to the ribbon-cutting. The project involved redesigning their new entrance to include a lot of natural light. We also created numerous conference rooms, one of which consists of nearly full-height wall shelving, a whiteboard for presentations and ample counterspace for laying out food or coffee during collaboration sessions. There was also a fridge installed where meeting attendees can help themselves to cold beverages. The new space also included several private offices and a café where their employees can enjoy breaktime with colleagues. Our team paid special attention to the design, taking into account the sterile nature of their business as well as their staff’s wellbeing. The layout we created was intended to make the best use of their large windows, allowing natural light to soak through the space. Like we do on all our clients’ projects, we considered how we could display their industry through design and included large, round, decorative lights in the front entry, what we refer to as ‘bubble lights’ to align with their industry.


The result of the collaboration between RI Workplace and Prince Sterilization Services was highly successful. Their upgraded building now offers a significantly enhanced work environment for their team. The addition of modern amenities, including conference rooms, private offices, and a well-designed café, has improved collaboration and employee satisfaction. When our team went to take the final project photos, we were met by a happy employee who expressed her satisfaction and excitement of the new space. The project achieved Prince Sterilization Services’ goals of creating a more functional and attractive workspace for their staff, helping them better represent their industry and values.

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