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We have a passion for designing laboratories and pharmaceutical workspaces, and working with CEOs to understand their company’s purpose and mission.

In today’s new work landscape, we know certain projects can be accomplished from different locations. However, we know that the work of high-speed research and development also requires a future-proofed physical location in which specific steps and activities can be carried out.

We love to help our clients reimagine their facilities through the use of future-proofed design, adaptable equipment and cutting-edge technology - all of which work to increase collaboration and bring new therapies to patients faster.
For over 30 years, RI Workplace has been the go-to partner for transforming financial services firms and professional workspaces across New York.
Your banking, investment or insurance firm deserves an environment that exudes excellence; communicates your values; fosters collaboration, wellbeing and productivity - and integrates the latest technology and sustainable design practices.

Let us help you create a future-ready office that sets you apart in the industry.

What design excellence in Life Sciences spaces looks like

Cutting-edge laboratory infrastructure to support advanced research and development activities.

Seamless tech integration to enhance data analysis, experimentation, and collaboration.

Compliance with regulatory standards to maintain safety, quality, and integrity.

Flexible workspaces to accommodate evolving research needs.

Prioritising H&S through ergonomic design principles, advanced ventilation systems, and stringent safety protocols.

Why Choose RI Workplace for your Pharmaceuticals/Life Science design needs?

Award-winning design team

With over three decades' experience designing and building New York workspaces, our family-run team is an expert in creating custom solutions for life sciences clients.​

30% faster turnaround times

Our streamlined design & budget process and in-house capabilities allow us to deliver projects 30% faster than the industry average, with minimal downtime and without ever compromising on quality.

Technology integration

Integrating the latest trends and technologies is core to your life services company. We deliver fully future-proofed spaces that meet your needs and convey your values.

One-stop shop

From initial consultation to final installation - engineers and project managers to contractors and architects - we handle every aspect of your project with skill, care and attention to detail.

Collaborative approach

Open communication and collaboration is at the top of our list. We work closely with you to exceed your design goals with minimal disruption to your day-to-day and exceed your expectations.


Throughout the project, we provide regular updates and maintain open lines of communication, ensuring that you're always informed and involved in the process.

Here’s what our customers say…

Case Study: How we Transformed Gramercy Cardiac Diagnostic Services Inc.’s Workspace


Gramercy Cardiac Diagnostic Services was experiencing challenges with its outdated workspace. The space wasn’t modern or welcoming enough; workflow was inefficient and, most significantly, the space didn’t truly convey its deep passion for patient care.


We carried out an all-in-one design/build solution, starting with the creation of an optimized floor plan to enhance workflow and address space inefficiencies. After finalizing the layout, we incorporated beautiful finishes, artwork, and vibrant colors to create a welcoming, cheerful, and bright space, where patients would feel comfortable and well cared for.

Furthermore, our technical expertise was instrumental in reinforcing a portion of the floor space and integrating lead-lined infrastructure for a new PET scanner. This enhanced Gramercy’s diagnostic capabilities, and its reputation for being the leading medical facility worldwide in performing life-saving diagnostic cardiac PET scans.

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