The Learning Centre

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The Learning Centre
Location: New York


The Learning Centre was created with a mission to revolutionize traditional education paradigms and create a modern learning environment where students could thrive. They aimed to challenge outdated methods of schooling, embrace technology, recruit and develop high-quality teachers, and foster a culture of learning that not only makes students career-ready but life-ready. The goal was to establish a collaborative, safe, caring, and innovative learning environment where students could develop critical life skills through teamwork and adaptability.


RI Workplace partnered with The Learning Centre to create a main learning hub for students. The approach involved creating an education ecosystem that seamlessly integrated cutting-edge technology with physical and digital learning environments. Classrooms were designed to be technology-rich, featuring purpose-built video conference capabilities to connect students and teachers across distances. The Learning Centre was equipped with various learning zones, resources, and seating options to cater to diverse learning needs. Additionally, the new space has ample room for teacher collaboration, events and private meeting spaces.


The collaborative efforts between The Learning Centre and RI Workplace resulted in the successful creation of a modern, clean, and vibrant space that reflects the school’s commitment to innovation and excellence in education. The new and improved layout not only meets their brand standards but also provides a stimulating environment for both students and staff alike. With its emphasis on flexibility, collaboration, and technology integration, the Learning Center has become a dynamic space where students can develop essential life skills while embracing the school’s values. Bright accent colors were used to identify zones and create a welcoming atmosphere and the new layout has fostered a positive learning experience for all.

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