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Writing On The Walls: 5 Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time For An Office Overhaul

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Writing On The Walls: 5 Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time For An Office Overhaul

It’s a paradox when it comes to needing an office makeover or a larger space. The reasons, like growth, for example, are usually good. But the symptoms tipping you off are usually not-so good. Here are some of the more common signs it’s time to change up the workplace:

1. The Need for Space
Outgrowing your space is probably the most common reason for an office revamp. Additions to staff, mergers and acquisitions, and rapid business expansion are just some of the reasons companies simply run out of space. It can be a potentially dangerous proposition if space constraints are perilously close to creating safety and/or fire hazards.

2. Inefficient Use of Space
Most times, business needs change but the building stays the same. People, files, supplies, pretty much everything just gets shifted around or shoved together in order to make room for more. Moreover, some businesses are still stuck in the middle ground between hard copy and digital workflows, essentially duplicating effort which keeps the physical space limited.

3. Outdated Style
As we mentioned in a previous blog, the office environment is a direct reflection of the company. What kind of perception do clients have when they visit an office space that looks behind the times? How does that impact employee morale? You quickly start to get the picture. Updating the office design and decor could very well be the boost your company desperately needs to boldly head towards a brighter future.

4. Inability to Meet New Technological Needs
Perhaps your building is older with an aging infrastructure that has been unable to keep up with the times. Maybe your company is deep in the digital age, but the office backbone needed to support it is slipping back to the Stone Age as the business keeps moving forward with no place to expand.

5. Cultural Shifts
Changes in culture– both inside and outside the office, can have a significant impact on space utilization. These days, collaborative spaces are in high demand, and you may not have the space to create that much needed open area to foster a more collaborative work environment.

The good news is, whether you’re faced with one or more of these issues, or even others that haven’t been addressed here, RI Group has a dedicated and knowledgeable team ready to help solve your office design challenges. Get in touch with us even before you realize you’re already out of space!


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