Virtual Reality – Visit Your Space Before It’s Built.

VR Design Your Office

Virtual Reality – Visit Your Space Before It’s Built.

Virtual Reality – Visit Your Space Before It’s Built.

Although drawings, floor plans, and 3D renderings are all important factors in the designing of a new space, there is more to good design than these alone.

Within the past few years Virtual Reality, commonly called VR, has evolved from a gaming experience into a valuable tool that allows designers and clients to see a new space in its entirety before the project has even begun.

By being able to take a virtual walk, or fly-through of the space, VR allows clients to check and confirm that the new space will completely satisfy their team’s requirements. VR helps our clients to verify that the workflow and layout is acceptable, and that the overall design and feel of the space answers their team’s needs and desires.

Through the use of virtual reality, clients can experience scale, environment, department layouts, and even the small details of finishes and materials. VR allows us to work closely and easily with our clients as we are able to collaborate about the design more efficiently and make changes where necessary. Clients and business owners, who sometimes see things differently from designers, can pinpoint certain elements of the design that could impact the desired outcome of the space.

For example in a restaurant architects and designers typically do not have an intimate understanding of how a kitchen should flow or operate on a day-by-day basis. Despite working diligently with the client to fully understand the functionality and accessibility from a staff perspective, subtle details are sometimes missed. By allowing the head chef to walk through virtual reality renderings and explore the kitchen and the waiter’s path, the client can see aspects of the design that might negatively impact the speed and flow of service.

Similarly, by allowing different members of your team to use the VR set to see the new space, we can ensure that the design of your finished workplace will be 100% satisfactory.

PrioVR motion capture device

  • The motion capture device PrioVR helps you experience a VR environment through natural body movements instead of using a keyboard and a mouse. PrioVR is perfect for virtually opening doors, demolishing walls, moving cranes around or building in real time. The device works via body sensors that transmit information about your body’s movements back to the VR software.

Matterport 3D camera and capture app for iPad

  • The fast and portable Matterport Pro 3D-camera and capture app for iPad are able to scan a space of 90 square meters within half an hour, producing high-quality immersive 3D-models. Matterport’s distribution and management platform allow you to share your 3D-models with others in your team. Using the Matterport Cloud, your 3D spaces can be viewed from anywhere in the world on mobile and desktop devices.

Google Glass VR headset

  • Imagine walking down the street and being able to tell the size of buildings and angular distances between architectural features. If you are going to be designing a new building or even a remodel, you will also want to get a sense of the area in which your creation will be built – which is all possible with Google Glass.

Touchable holograms

  • As a result of smart engineering by Bristol University’s research team, virtual reality will soon be expanding to include touch. Imagine being able to feel different textures, making it easier to choose exactly the right materials for your interior design project.

Microsoft HoloLens

  • With Microsoft’s HoloLens uses light to create holographic images. It is also completely untethered; no PC connection, phones or cables required. HoloLens delivers a mixed reality of physical and digital worlds and enables you to pin holograms in a real environment.

Daqri Smart Helmet

  • The Daqri smart helmet creates an incredible augmented reality experience to help people on the job site to complete their projects faster and more efficiently.







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