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Should We Stay Or Should We Go, Is Office Relocation The Solution?

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Should We Stay Or Should We Go, Is Office Relocation The Solution?

There are numerous reasons to consider a relocation, from company expansion to moving cities, and regardless of the reason, it’s often cause for celebration, and stress. However, the same goes for a workplace redesign.

Both options still present some of the same challenges and amazing outcomes if done with diligent planning. Applying thoughtful interior design to an existing space that holds untapped potential can be a more viable solution. Implementing innovative ways of working are what companies like RI Group do well and it is best to consider all options before a drastic move is made.

Before upheaving the office, every company, big or small should be absolutely sure that the space they currently occupy couldn’t be adjusted to fit their needs. While both options may halt business as usual, the conversion of an office space presents opportunities to work around the metamorphosis and the excitement of a face-lift from within could boost employee moral and production.

Below are some Pros and Cons of transplanting your office.

The Pros

1. It allows for a better use of space

Relocating to a bigger office space allows for a more productive environment and gives you the ability to increase workloads and staff levels. If the majority of staff work from home or you’re struggling to find room for new recruits, files and parking spaces it’s clear that there is an urgent need for change. At the other end of the scale, there is no point spending money on office space if you are trying to downsize. Moving offices can be one of the simplest ways to reduce costs. In some cases, it may be prudent to relocate into shared office space rather than leasing an entire premises. This solution means that businesses can share the costs of services such as reception facilities.

2. Proximity to Clients

Perhaps you feel that you are not reaching your target audience or staff have to travel long distances to reach clients. If that is the case, it almost certainly implies that the client finds reaching your office inconvenient too and you should consider moving. Make it easy for your most important clients to reach your office; a well-located office could be the decisive factor in them to choosing your business over the competition.

3. It gives businesses room for uninhibited expansion

Your current office might be cheaper and in a good location but it is too crowded, impersonal and confining. It’s difficult for a business to realize its fullest profit potential in those circumstances. By relocating, you are acknowledging your ambitions and showing the world that financial growth is important to your business.

4. Lower costs

The expense of moving could be offset by taking your business to a lower cost area. Consider the cost of living, commuting and lease prices and how it could save you money in the end. It’s important to weigh up the proximity to clients in a prestigious area versus the money saved by being further away in a less expensive area. It completely depends on your business: How important is it for your company’s image that it is based on 5th Avenue?

5. Gives the company a fresh start

Much like people, companies can get stuck in a rut, but an office relocation can inject some much-needed energy into your workforce. For many companies, an office move is just what it needs to motivate staff and boost company performance. If staff are more comfortable and inspired by their work environment, they will be more productive and loyal to the brand.

6. It gives your business a makeover

Office relocation usually means your brand gets upgraded to a more professional look. First impressions are important and by moving to a better-designed office, it is easier to win over new clients and retain old ones. Since most small businesses start off in very basic premises, a new office space signals to clients that your company is growing.



1. It can be expensive

One of the biggest things holding business owners back when it comes to moving premises is the expense. Not only does a move involve relocation costs, but it can also result in a big loss of productivity during the move. It’s essential to plan the process, or seek professional advice, so that you’re not losing business while you’re moving. At Interactive Space, we take control of the move and undertake it in well-organized phases so that staff face minimal disruption in their daily work activities.

2. It involves a lot of planning

Moving offices takes dedication to ensure that it happens on time and within the allocated budget. There are properties to view and contracts to be read and scrutinized, which takes a lot of time and resources. The business needs to appoint one person to manage the entire process. However, hiring a professional services company like us can take away a lot of the management and stress, particularly regarding contracts and legislation.

3. Upheaval for Staff

Some employees are more welcoming of change than others. It’s essential to discuss the move with key staff members and see if alternative arrangements can be made such as flexible hours if necessary. However, as mentioned above, with thorough planning, an office move can be barely noticeable and with a fully engaged contingent of staff it can be enjoyable and reinvigorating. Put plenty of time aside for the move so that it is not stressful and rushed. Most importantly, plan ahead so that you don’t move during a busy period for your business.

4. You will need to install new furniture and technology

The new premises might not have the appropriate furniture and IT infrastructure. If you are trying to grow your company, it might be a good chance for you to invest in good quality furniture and future proof your business. Spending money now on a top-level infrastructure could save you a lot of future expense, particularly when the costs of relocating old and outdated items from your old premises are considered. Alternatively, a serviced office may provide the solution since the space is work-ready without your company having to bear the brunt of the costs.


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