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Medical Workplace Design

The most innovative healthcare spaces elevate the patient experience through good interior design, creating a sense of comfort and calm for those who walk through the doors.

Create a place of calm
for your patients

What are your patients’ first impressions when they step inside your facility? Does your space give them the assurance they’ll be well cared-for? The design of your healthcare facility plays a major role in the reputation of your practice and the professionals who work there. The look and feel of a space sets the tone for how patients feel. Poorly-designed and outdated medical facilities can damage your reputation and cause patients to feel uncomfortable, whereas well-designed and state-of-the-art facilities tell patients they’ll receive top-quality care.

Are you ready to create a space that provides excellent first impressions and a sense of care and compassion? With extensive experience in healthcare design, RI combines aesthetic appeal with practicality, comfort, functionality, and technology.

Why choose RI for your
healthcare space?

We specialize in designing medical center spaces and dental practices. We understand these workplaces need to be as functional as they are hygienic, as calming as they are contemporary, as welcoming as they are professional. No one wants to enter a dark and depressing space when undergoing medical or dental treatment.

We create interiors that put patients and medical staff at ease, so anyone entering the space not only feels comfortable but energized and renewed – even prior to treatment.

Whether you’re building a new workspace from scratch – or reconfiguring your existing space – our team of architects, planners, designers and consultants are here to help you.

We can work with you from the get-go, from the planning stages through to building completion. Or we can offer a Strategic Workplace Evaluation – an unbiased evaluation of how your existing workspace functions to help you optimize your space and operate at your fullest potential, through good design.

Request a meeting to talk through your vision for your workplace today. We would love to support you on your design journey.