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Grassi & Co.

Case Study


Grassi & Co.
Location: Park Ridge, NJ


Recognizing the need to attract and retain top talent,  especially millennials and Gen Z in a fiercely competitive job market, Grassi & Co. sought a partner to overhaul their outdated workplace and create an environment that would inspire and motivate. Being the 70th largest firm in the U.S., Grassi knew they needed to upgrade their office space to create a workplace that reflected their status – a contemporary, welcoming, attractive work environment that communicated their commitment to employee wellbeing.


Working closely with the client, we delivered a  total overhaul of the space, encompassing flexible workspaces and collaborative zones. We incorporated a variety of furniture, new flooring, bright colors and light fixtures to bring vibrancy and comfort. Catering to both Gen Z and older employees, we mixed traditional workstations with open-plan spaces and ‘hot desks’. We also brought in accent walls and artwork to convey the company’s upbeat and cheerful ethos.


Through our partnership, Grassi & Co. achieved a total transformation of their outdated space – a new work environment that was modern, vibrant and bright and which aligned with the company’s modern ethos and working practices. Through our design, RI and Grassi created a space that fosters innovation, employee well-being, and sustained growth – and which gives the company a competitive edge in the industry.

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