Office Design Shapes your Company Culture

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Office Design Shapes your Company Culture

Office Design Shapes Your Company Culture

Hierarchy Culture

This is a formalized and structured work environment. Procedures decide what people do. Leaders are proud of their efficiency-based coordination and organization. Keeping the organization functioning smoothly is most crucial. Formal rules and policy keep the organization together. Here, lines are clearly established between employees and departments in order to divide responsibilities and authority.

Clan Culture

This working environment is a friendly one. People have a lot in common, and it’s similar to a large family. Typically, managers within these organizations strive to empower employees while also establishing their commitment to the company through cross-collaboration and employee involvement programs.

The Adhocracy Culture

This is a dynamic and creative working environment. Employees take risks. Leaders are seen as innovators and risk takers. Experiments and innovation are the bonding materials within the organization. The management’s main objective is to foster entrepreneurship, creativity, and activity among employees.

Market Culture

This is a results-based organization that emphasizes finishing work and getting things done. People are competitive and focused on goals. Leaders are hard drivers, producers, and rivals at the same time.

Fixed Environments Support Hierarchical and Market Cultures

Create spaces that allow individuals to focus on tasks and meeting the deadlines without distractions from surrounding peers. Furniture can be used to provide a sense of stability and increase the capacity of individuals within a space. Conference rooms and break rooms may be the only areas in which employees come together to interact.

Open Spaces Support Clan Cultures

Smaller concentration should be allocated to the individual than the team. The workstation panel heights will be lower, if not non-existent. This will help teams to interact effectively with one another.

Playful Office Environment Supports Adhocracy Culture

Create fun breakout spaces where employees can entirely “break away” from their work is a key. This could include office features such as a pool table, Ping-Pong table or nap area, where an employee’s imagination can thrive.

There are no “one-size fits all” approach to office design and all company cultures are different. Talk to our experts to figure out the best design for you.




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