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Make Your Job Easier with a One-Stop Workspace Design Advisory Team

Photo of modern collaboration pods from our office design and renovation project at Baldor Foods

Make Your Job Easier with a One-Stop Workspace Design Advisory Team

Make Your Job Easier with a One-Stop Workspace Design Advisory Team

The “One-Stop” plan gives the client a huge advantage over the conventional system of architect, designer, general contractor and furniture supplier.

Office space should be based on and adapted to the workflows of the team that uses it. That’s why when the RI Group takes on a project, we first ask about the employees, their current pain points and their expectations of the new office.

We work hard to understand the team’s workflow and tailor the office design to the company culture, including how they work, how they conduct meetings and training, their values and their brand.

Besides having someone who understands the type of office design and layout you are looking for, here are a few more reasons to choose our “One-Stop” advisory service to design, build, and furnish your workplace.

1. Cost Savings
According to research led by Construction Industry Institute (CII)/Penn State Research and published by the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA), the design-build combination can deliver savings of more than 6% of the total projected cost. These savings could be attributed to the fact that design-build projects are more cost-efficient as there are fewer changes along the way which can cause schedule delays and unforeseen costs.

2. Accountability
With design, construction, and furnishing in the hands of one firm, there is a streamlined single point of contact and responsibility for quality, cost, and schedule. Ninety percent (90%) of project success is determined in the planning phase when project scope and layout is being determined. The design-builder brings architecture, engineering, cost estimating, scheduling, and construction expertise to you at the earliest stages of a project, charting the course for success. When one entity is accountable for everything –including how the end result looks, how much it costs and the timeline of completion, there tends to be much more attention given to pricing and scheduling in the design phase.

3. Continuity
A design-build firm is involved from start to finish, which adds an inherent efficiency. The chance for things to fall through the cracks is greatly diminished. Design, construction and furnishing an office involves managing hundreds of different timelines that need to coordinate together. Design-build-furnish teams create the opportunity for clients to ask questions and consider all their options from the very beginning so that we can avoid taking steps backward, which in the end leads to better, faster and more cost-effective results.


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