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It’s All In The Details: Office Design Flaws Can Cost You Big

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It’s All In The Details: Office Design Flaws Can Cost You Big

It’s All In The Details: Office Design Flaws Can Cost You Big

As you go through your work day, annoyances pop up that can ultimately lead to frustration that affects morale, performance and the bottom-line. Here are some examples of design mistakes to watch out for:

1. Electrical Outlets
Plenty of power is arguably one of the most important facets of workplace design. Something as simple as a shortage of outlets can stop productivity in its tracks. Or worse, “cascading” extension cords one into the next creates a serious fire hazard. When planning a workplace, be sure to think about how many powered items will be required and account for some expansion as well.

2. Storage Space
Having a place for everything keeps the work space neat, clean and organized. Nothing slows progress like having to stop and look for something important in piles, or having to get up to get something stored elsewhere in the area. So think about what needs to be stored and what locations make the most sense.

3. Go With The Flow
The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The same should be true between all parts of your process. If not, work gets bounced around, goes back and forth needlessly and time is wasted. If you can create the most efficient and effective process, then mirror it in your overall workplace design. The whole process can run smoother and faster, reducing stress and time-waste.

4. Standardize the Process Down to the Desk Level, aka “Good Redundancy”
We’ve seen workers perform the exact same job each doing it their own way. This creates chaos, especially when someone has to cover for an absent co-worker. If the team can adopt all the best practices, they can standardize the processes and systems so that team members can seamlessly cover for others. Applying that same philosophy to office design, you can standardize team workplaces so that they too are identical. In doing so, the covering team member will know exactly where everything is on their colleague’s desk. As a result, everything continues to run smoothly and seamlessly.

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