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How To Redesign Your Office Within Your Budget

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How To Redesign Your Office Within Your Budget

How To Redesign Your Office Within Your Budget

If you are looking to refresh your space, you will need to set a budget. In the industry, there is a misconception that you can only have an inspiring office if you are a Fortune 500 business. This is not the case. It is still possible to create an inviting and inspiring office if you have a tight budget. You will need to consider doing small changes that make a big difference. 

The start of your office redesign project should begin with an assessment of how your employees work. Before diving into any office project, it pays to do some research on what features best help your employees to be the most engaged, productive and happy. “Don’t be naïve enough to think all you are doing is changing the space,” says Felix. “As soon as you change the space, there’s an implied change to how people are working, so you have to think about those things together.” –  Elliot Felix, Founder of Brightspot. By gaining insight into how employees do their best work, you can steer your office project in the right direction ensuring focus on improvements that will positively affect the way your team works.

A recent study in the United States showed that the following office features are highly valued by employees:

  • Reminders of the outdoors.
    • Any glimpse of nature has been shown to boost creativity, so make sure to incorporate some way for your team to connect with the great outdoors. If you have a tight budget, this can be done through the use of artificial plants and flowers. If you have a larger budget, consider options such as a living wall. 
  • Health and wellness.
    • Consider designating a room for exercise or rest, offer healthy food options and provide furniture like ergonomic sit-stand desks. If you are on a tight budget, consider purchasing a ping-poing table for your lunch room. If you have a larger budget, consider options such as an employee gym. 
  • More places to socialize and collaborate.
    • With an increased focus on culture, employees are looking to work for companies that provide a good social life. If you are on a tight budget, consider adding in huddle spaces with bean bags where employees can relax, or even a picnic table where they can enjoy lunch together. If you have a larger budget, consider creating an entirely new café. 
  • Lighting.
    • Lighting is very important. People are more efficient when they work in good daylight. Be sure whether you have a large or small budget, that you put a lot of focus on the office lighting. Lighting ultimately sets the mood and tone of the office so it is imperative that good light fixtures are selected and there are options for both large and small budgets.
  • Food and drink provisions.
    • Whether you have a large or small budget, be sure to provide a snack set-up for your employees. Proper nourishing is essential to boosting productivity. 
  • Good-quality furniture.
    • It’s essential that employees are given furniture that makes them feel comfortable. Ranging from sit-stand desks to solid-wood executive desks, we can ensure you get the best quality furniture that fits your budget.

RI Group designs around your budget. Our experienced design team is here to help you with every aspect of your project from designing your space to building and furnishing your office…all within your budget!

Are you ready to get started? Send us an email: or give us a call: 800.427.5811. We will be happy to provide you with options to fit your budget.



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