Discuss Your Office Project with a Design Advisor

architects and designers discus floorplan for an open-concept office redesign

Discuss Your Office Project with a Design Advisor

The Benefits of Discussing Your Office Project with a Design Advisor Before Redesigning Your Space 

It’s important that you engage an office space design advisor before embarking on a redesign project. Design advisors are intended to help answer any and all questions your team has before beginning a project, ensuring no mistakes are made and the end result is 100% team satisfaction. Good design advisors will make it top priority to find out what the client’s goals are for the project, what means the most to them and their employees and what problems they may be trying to overcome by redesigning their space. They’ll take the time to sit down with your team and listen to your needs, your wants and any problems you may be facing that you’d like to avoid and overcome in your new space.

Advisors understand that a good design caters to every employee that works within a space, creating a sense of ownership and happiness among the workforce, leading to an all-time positive culture. Rather than beginning a redesign project on your own, reach out to an office space design team who can assist you with all aspects of the project. At RI Group, we are not simply designers. As office space design advisors, we listen to your project goals and needs and design your space accordingly.

A professional design firm helps you handle all the details of your project. They ensure you receive the type of space you are looking for and ultimately save you time and money.

Design Advisors Make the Design Process a Simple and Effective Experience

The design process is an approach for breaking down a large project into manageable chunks. Our design advisors, architects and engineers use the design process to solve a variety of problems and answer any questions.


  1. Define the client’s challenges and goals.
  2. Collection information.
  3. Brainstorm and analyze ideas.
  4. Develop solutions.
  5. Gather feedback.
  6. Improve.
Our team will help you observe your workforce before you make any major decisions.

The entire point of building an inspiring workplace is to fuel the creativity of your workforce, so let them be a part of the design. Notice how your team likes to work. While some people would love to lounge on comfortable couches, some go to the common areas for brainstorming, and others explore their creativity in quiet, solitary spaces. Open spaces, common, third space rooms, conference rooms, quiet rooms – mix it all up and keep it all in. Our Rate Your Office tool simplifies this step by gathering feedback from employees in what their ‘dream workplace’ is.

Our team will help you design your space based on the type of work you do.

Think about your role and the core accountabilities of your position. Are you the leader of a large team who spends 90% of the day in meetings? Are you a designer in a marketing firm who spends the majority of your day discussing ideas with clients? Consider your clientele and the image you are trying to portray to them.

Our team will guide you in each step of your project – the design, build, and furnishing of your workplace.
Cost Savings

According to findings by research led by Construction Industry Institute (CII)/Penn State Research and published by the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA), the design-build combination can deliver savings of more than 6% of the total projected cost. These savings could be attributed to the fact that design-build projects are more cost-efficient as there are fewer changes along the way which can cause schedule delays and unforeseen costs.


With design, construction and furnishing in the hands of one firm, there is streamlined single point of contact and responsibility for quality, cost and schedule. Ninety percent (90%) of project success is determined in the planning phase when project scope and layout is being determined. The design-build firm brings architecture, engineering, cost estimating, scheduling, and construction expertise to you at the earliest stages of a project, charting the course for success. When one entity is accountable for everything –including how the end result looks, how much it costs and the timeline of completion, there tends to be much more attention given to pricing and scheduling in the design phase. When challenges are encountered on a project, pointing fingers is not an option. Everyone just rolls up their sleeves and works on solutions together because everyone is on the same team and has the same goal.


A design-build firm is involved from start to finish, which adds an inherent efficiency. The chance for things to fall through the cracks is greatly diminished. Design, construction and furnishing an office involves managing hundreds of different timelines that need to coordinate together.  Design-build-furnish teams create the opportunity for clients to sit with the decision-makers, ask questions, and consider all their options from the very beginning so that we can avoid taking steps backwards, which in the end, is going to lead to better, faster and more cost-effective results.

Open Communication

The communication channel through single contact with the design-builder is the best way to go because you can easily stay updated and keep track of the project every step of the way. Having one firm be in control and accountable for the end-product also encourages transparency because we want clients to understand the process and to know what’s going on. Through clear communication, the budget and the timeline is clearly defined early on and it becomes the agreement for the entire project. 

Let’s talk about your project

If your office space redesign is planned out carefully and designed with your employees in mind, your new office will be a prove to be a victory. If you need help or inspiration, contact us and we will be happy to give you advice and ideas on how to make your office project successful. Our experienced team at RI Group is here to help you with every aspect of your project from designing your space to building and furnishing your office.

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