First Impressions: What Your Office Says About You

First Impressions: What Your Office Says About You

Whether it’s a client making a site visit, a potential employee arriving for a first interview, or current employees coming to work each day, your office space says a lot about you to everyone, which can directly affect your bottom line. I’m sure you’ve heard that many people feverishly clean their house before a cleaning service arrives. Why? Because they don’t want the cleaning people to think they’re slobs! As funny as that sounds, it drives home the point that a good impression really does matter.

A client that sees a messy, unorganized, run down workplace may perceive that their business dealings with you are handled in the same manner. A potential employee may be immediately turned off by this as well, thinking that the company may not have its act together or doesn’t care much about their employees. Current employees may want to be more organized or work in more cheerful surroundings, but instead feel undervalued, demoralized, and unmotivated because of their work environment. These perceptions could be totally untrue, and these may only be three examples out of many. But as you can see, they can have a substantially negative impact on your business.

The RI Group can work with you to design you office space to reflect your corporate values, give clients the right impression, entice new job candidates, help boost morale & productivity, and more. Don’t wait any longer– your business may depend on it!




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