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We had a great time at our
Workplace Retreat Event.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our Workplace Retreat Event on Thursday, May 16, 2024.

We trust you enjoyed the collaborating, networking, brainstorming and design inspiration as much as we did.
Missed out? We hope to see you at our next one – taking place on Thursday, September 12, 2024!

Event Highlights

Workplace Insights / Design Talks

Our Design Director, Komel Saeed presented our new design concept called Workplace Retreat and shared the reasons that led RI to develop this new workplace design methodology. She also explained how it benefits employers and employees alike, eliminating the many challenges businesses are currently facing with their workplaces.

Workplace Retreat Design Workshop

Small teams of business professionals were put together to create their idea of a Workplace Retreat – or dream office. To all those who took part in the competition, thank you! You’re all winners in our eyes as we know everybody’s idea of a dream office is different and we loved the creativity.


We invited some of our vendors to set up display tables with trending workplace design products. This allowed our clients to see what types of solutions are readily available for creating their dream office.

Virtual Reality Experience

Attendees were able to experience a virtual reality walk-through of a space to see how our design technology works.


RI-branded items and giveaways were provided.

Good Food & Drinks

Our team worked alongside a private chef to create an unforgettable menu of refreshments that visitors could enjoy during the event.

What our guests said

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