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Ergonomics Is Alive and Still Evolving

Diagram illustrating ergonomic best practices

Ergonomics Is Alive and Still Evolving

Ergonomics, the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment has been a focus of scientific studies since the 1950’s and grew into a buzzword within design and economic circles by the 2000’s with advents such as the ergonomic chair. Since then, the trend seemed to fade off into the sunset like a late night ‘Seen on T.V.’ promo from yesteryear.

However, the fact that it is a real science with properties that can be quantified, new products are being developed to tackle remaining work related strains and injuries labeled as “musculoskeletal disorders or (MSDs).  Since the ever popular ‘chair’ other products have risen in the marketplace adding comfort to our lives by applying the research directly to products we use most like: computer peripherals, foot rests, and desks that allow a user to stretch those legs. 


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