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Embedded Tech: Pre-Planning Integration

New Video conferencing Office Solution

Embedded Tech: Pre-Planning Integration

Technology and business go hand-in-hand and both influence each other as new trends expose the age-old supply and demand model of consumerism. This is not a revelation by any means but innovation in tech and modern business practices will drive both to new levels of productivity.

As a result, companies are increasingly investigating ways that they can integrate technology into different areas of the office, including furniture with screens to facilitate presentations and collaboration to smart receptions and pods that enable staff to use thin client devices.

Collaboration and workflow design will fuel efficiency as long as all parties are connected and can share progress in real time. An great idea is only great if it gets put into action and disbursed to the right people in the correct order. The technology of today and tomorrow has to be accessible, mobile and easy to use. This means that it has to be embedded throughout and work as the central nervous system where information can flow freely.


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