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Do Potential Employees View Your Office Environment as a Place They’d Enjoy Working?

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Do Potential Employees View Your Office Environment as a Place They’d Enjoy Working?

Yesterday’s offices won’t attract, retain and motivate today’s talent. Do you know how your employees feel about your workplace?

Take a look at a recent study carried out by Clutch, a marketing insight firm located in Washington, D.C.. By surveying 503 full-time employees in the United States, Clutch discovered what employees are looking for in today’s workplaces.

Below are Clutch’s findings:

  • “More than four-fifths of employees (83%) prefer to spend some working time in an office over working fully remotely. Businesses should create an office space that employees look forward to working in.”
  • “Employees prefer private offices (52%) over an open floor plan (28%) or cubicle offices (20%), but office spaces are trending toward open floor plans.”
  • “Offices have a variety of locations such as personal spaces (74%), large meeting rooms (56%), collaborative spaces (53%), places to relax (51%), and quiet spaces (41%), indicating the importance of variation in an office.”
  • “Employees value their personal space (53%) more than any other place at the office, but business should offer other spaces that employees can use based on what they need to accomplish.”
  • “Nearly all employees (98%) have an assigned space at the office. Businesses should create offices with individual spaces employees can use to make theirs.”

With this in mind, analyze your current workplace. Does your office environment support the items listed above?

If you aren’t sure, utilize our ‘Rate Your Office’ tool to find out how your employees feel about your office space.

Get in touch with us to learn how you can create an office where employees feel comfortable and motivated to do their best work!


Source: Herhold, Kristen. “What Employees Want in an Office Space.” Commercial Real Estate Survey, Clutch. June 18, 2019:

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