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Come Together: Questions About Managing The Merger

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Come Together: Questions About Managing The Merger

Perhaps some of the biggest office re-design challenges are borne out of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). M&As usually tend to be money or market driven, or a way to strengthen– or in some cases, save a company. Change, even when good, is often times uncomfortable, and there could be internal issues that need to be addressed as the integration takes place, some of which are:

• Is there a big difference between corporate cultures? Could it be that it’s time for one or the other to change to meet the culture or times?

• Is there a substantial amount of job overlap? And is that seen as a good thing with respect to anticipated growth?

• Is there enough space to accommodate the influx of newly acquired personnel? Are they simply being shoved into whatever space is available, and what kind of first perception does that create?

• Is the merger/acquisition perceived as a good thing, for both the existing staff and the incoming staff?

Unfortunately, there is no one answer to any of these questions that solves it all. So schedule a consultation with the talented and experienced team here at RI Group, so that we can help you determine the best office design solutions for your specific needs.


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