Boosting Employee Productivity

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Boosting Employee Productivity

We at RI Group know how to design a space around your business to improve productivity, however the reality is that people are your business and how they integrate within the space is key to successfully running it at peak performance.

According to a Huffington Post Blog there are 5 ways to keep productivity levels high year round.  Too often “one-time tactics that companies implement during the holiday season,” fade once that season comes to a sudden close.  The fact is that each season presents its own set of challenges and personal goals and distractions can shift priorities elsewhere. Here is a brief overview of the list to help you and your office maintain both high level of morale and production.

  1. Recognize Employees
    Research shows that recognition has a direct impact on employee productivity. When employees are recognized, they experience an increased emotional commitment to their jobs and their companies, which in turn increases efforts made toward their work.
  2. Embrace the human workplace
    According to Globoforce’s Fall 2014 Workforce Mood Tracker survey, 89 percent of employees say that work relationships are important to their overall quality of life
  3. Focus on employee happiness
    Too much time spent at the office can be detrimental to employees’ well-being and productivity. Without a good work-life balance, employees can burn out, become frustrated and, as a result, become unmotivated.
  4. Lead by example
    If you expect your employees to be engaged, motivated and productive throughout the year, then you need to be as well. Following your own instructions will allow you to demonstrate authenticity and accountability, which will result in a stronger, more trusting relationship between employees and managers.
  5. Give Employees a Purpose
    One of the most effective ways to increase company-wide productivity is to help your employees understand what they’re working toward

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