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Outdated Office Spaces Hurt Your Business. Attract Better Talent Through Office Design.

Attract Employees Office Design

Outdated Office Spaces Hurt Your Business. Attract Better Talent Through Office Design.

For most of us, it can be hard to imagine a world where the coveted corner office doesn’t exist.

But for today’s younger workforce, it seems the days of what we know as the standard office layout are numbered.

With the advent of cloud computing employees have access to everything they need without the burden of bulky filing cabinets or even personal desktops.

According to Pepperell Mill Campus, “Going forward, if you try to work with your existing outdated, non-flexible office space you are going to come across numerous challenges. Aside from the increased overhead for inefficient square footage and decreased productivity, employers with old fashion office spaces will struggle to attract and retain young talent.

Employees aren’t going to want to stay with a company that doesn’t offer a flexible work environment. Large companies all over the county are shedding their outdated suburban campuses to migrate into more flexible urban office space. The main driver has been employee attraction and retention.


“Young talented employees want the flexibility that the modern office provides. Older employees that don’t want to embrace the flexible
office environment are simply left by the wayside.”


Why does younger talent want such a vastly different office environment?

They know that outdated design is damaging to our wellbeing and mental health and killing our productivity. One study found that office workers spend more time sitting than retirees, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes and even cancer.

According to the World Economic Forum, “Forward-looking designers are finding ways to build spaces that heal rather than hurt us. Going beyond the already ubiquitous standing desks and social “breakout sofas,” the office of the future is healthy, harmonious and happy.“

Here’s how it’s beginning to take shape:

Get Flexible

Forget choosing between open-plan or cubicle, breakout space or conference suite – the real office space of the future is “agile” and can be all of the above.

Aside from just flexible spaces, younger, incoming talent are looking for flexible work environments as well. Telecommuting, remote working, compressed workweeks, customized working hours, part-time work and job sharing are just a few ways flexible work arrangements makes sure work gets done in the most effective way, from the most effective location.

Go Green

Natural elements are shown to boost productivity by 8% and wellbeing by 13%. “In addition to bamboo walls and nature-inspired swoops and curves, today’s offices are tackling the planet’s problems integrally through green web hosting, grey water recycling, renewable energy sources, carbon offsets, and locally sourced food.”

Outdoor Spaces

Companies are beginning to factor their office’s outdoor space itself into their functioning. If stepping out for some fresh air can work wonders for your focus, why not host a whole brainstorming session outside?

Step into the light

Workers’ productivity declines if they’re stationed more than 7.5 meters from a window, according to data sourced by the International Well Building Institute. Exposure to natural light reduces anxiety and stress and gives employees a much-needed Vitamin D boost.

We can help! Contact us If your company wants to attract younger, incoming talent and you want to create an environment that will more inviting and flexible.



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