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6 Reasons To Redesign The Workspace

A designers drawing of how to best incorporate new furniture

6 Reasons To Redesign The Workspace

Just as technology advances at a rapid pace, so do trends in office culture, company needs, etc. If you haven’t given office redesign a serious thought, here are some questions that might give you insight as to why you probably should.

1. Is the size of your space appropriate for your needs?
You may have too little space, which can raise employee anxiety, lower morale and create other personnel issues.

2. Is your business growing?
Better yet, have you planned for that growth? As previously mentioned, you could be making better use of space, or you simply need more. But unless you analyze your situation and pay attention to your business forecasting, you might find yourself running out of space sooner than you think, if not already.

3. Are you using the space efficiently?
You may think you’re out of room to grow, but perhaps the space simply isn’t being utilized wisely. Conversely, maybe you have to much space and are paying more for that valuable unused or poorly used real estate than you should.

4. Are the modes of communication and technology allowing for maximum productivity?
Work slow downs and stoppages are frustrating, counterproductive, and can cost the company a lot more in “soft” dollars due to worker inefficiency.

5. Is worker morale positively affected by the office atmosphere?
Ask yourself, “When I walk into the office, does it put me in a positive frame of mind and would I be proud of my job if someone I highly regard stopped by for a visit?” If any part of your answer includes the word “No”, then there’s your answer.

6. Could Sustainability and Environmental Friendliness be a “Win-Win”?
Going Green could be a sweet victory for all. Environmental consciousness is great for the planet, great for community relations, and might even be great for your bottom line!

Now that we’ve got you thinking about an office redesign, make an appointment with RI Group, so we can think it all through with you.


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