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5 Ways to Boost Wellbeing in your Workspace

Recently constructed breakroom built to boost employee wellbeing

5 Ways to Boost Wellbeing in your Workspace

If your workplace is optimized to meet the needs of your people, they’ll thrive. Wellbeing, or put simply, workplace happiness, is an integral part of good business strategy. It’s been a top priority for HR professionals, who have been putting employee satisfaction first for many years now. It’s easy to see why: happier employees engage better and boost productivity and overall performance.

According to Forbes, 87% of workers would like their current employer to offer healthier workplace benefits. Big tech companies have been tapping into this for years now, with Google offering perks such as massage rooms, free lunches, nap pods and even haircuts in their offices! By investing in the needs of your people, you’ll foster innovation, creativity and productivity. Here’s some of the ways RI Group interior designers ensure wellbeing through smart design:

Community-Led Spaces

Activity Based Working - Modern Office Trends

If you build a positive office community, you’ll promote strong work relationships and create a mutually supportive environment for your staff. Dedicated relaxation zones or quiet rooms can provide a retreat for employees to escape for a little downtime. But that’s not all, canteens, collaboration rooms and inspiration cafes work to bring people together, fostering a sense of inclusivity and belonging amongst staff.

Our interior design team always puts your people first. We’ll gather feedback and data-driven insights from your staff to build a holistic picture of your business. Once we understand your workplace culture, we’ll design a community-inspired space that encourages productivity, all whilst responding to the direct needs of your people.

Flexible Desks & Seating

Flexible Desks and Seating - 5 Ways to Boost Wellbeing in your Workspace

Workspace interior designers identify the most favorable styles of desks and seating for your people. Flexible workplaces offer a much desired fresh perspective during the workday. Things like sit-stand desks, privacy booths, shared desks and collaboration rooms can diversify the workplace and be the tonic your people need to boost their productivity and mood.

RI Group interior designers fuse creativity with comfort to achieve the optimal layout for your company. That’s why we run workshops, surveys and interviews with staff to ensure all voices are heard and we design the ideal deskspace for those who are actually using it.

Utilizing Natural Light

Modern Office Design Concepts to Attract the best employees

Never underestimate the power of natural light. Bright spaces are not only energizing, they help reduce health problems such as eye strain, blurred vision and headaches too. A Cornell University study found that when controlled daylight was introduced into the workplace, these common side effects were reduced by 84% .

Utilising natural light where possible is essential, so your design scheme should take into account the brightest spaces and how they can be best used to support the wellbeing of your people. We understand it’s not always possible to have natural light streaming into every space. That’s why office interior designers are skilled in the implementation of healthy artificial lighting, such as sustainable LEDs that closely replicate the qualities of daylight.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic Modern Office Design to boost wellbeing in your workplace

Biophilic design is based on the premise that humans have a need to connect with nature. Once connection is made, it results in better health, concentration, creativity and performance. ‘Bringing the outside in’ has been proven to improve cognitive ability and reduce stress, blood pressure levels and heart rates amongst workers.

Biophilia works wonders for workplace wellbeing and it’s so easy to achieve! Natural light and plants are the most common methods: not only do plants look gorgeous, they improve air quality and boost ventilation. Views of nature are also a powerful way of invoking nature indoors. If you don’t have the views, nature-themed artwork and flowing water features achieve similar sensory results.

We cover Biophilic Design in great detail in our Modern Office Design Concepts blog.

Calming Colors & Furnishings

RI Group Soothing colour Breakout room to boost wellbeing in your workplace

It might seem simple, but using calming, natural colors and materials can create a soothing atmosphere in your workplace. Mindful spaces with comfortable furniture and furnishings will develop a homey feel for your workers.

Simple additions like comfy sofas, beanbags and cushions all relax the senses and bring a little zen to your workplace. Try to avoid dark colors, and stick to neutral soothing color palettes in relaxing areas, and brighter colors in more vibrant zones where people tend to be more active and alert.

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