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Crafting Client Success in 2023: RI Workplace’s Top 5 Highlights

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Crafting Client Success in 2023: RI Workplace’s Top 5 Highlights

As 2023 draws to a close, we’re looking back at our top 5 company highlights of the year. Without further ado, let’s dive right in…

1. Launching RI Workplace Retreat

At RI Workplace, our MO has always been driving tangible results for our clients’ businesses through excellent design-build solutions. At the beginning of 2023, we wanted to take these ethos even further. We decided to take an even deeper dive into all the ways we could relieve our clients’ practical concerns, financial burdens, and logistical headaches in their pursuit of the perfect workplace.

One of the staggering facts we uncovered during our research period was that 90%+ of global CEOs wanted their workforces back in the office for at least part of the week – while less than 50% of employees wanted to go back. We realized the challenges facing CEOs ran deep and included:

· Attracting staff back to the office
· Employee retention, engagement and productivity
· Acquisition of new top talent
· Strong economic headwinds
· Increasing lease/real estate prices
· Rising inflation
· Shrinking budgets

This then led us on to exploring the nitty gritty of employees’ needs and wants. In 2023, employees wanted and expected more from their work life and workplace than ever before. They wanted spaces that catered to their unique workstyles and well-being. Spaces as good, if not better, than the home office they made for themselves.

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In real terms, this looked like an abundance of next-level amenities, such as quiet tech-free zones, innovation hubs, collaborative spaces, focus rooms, rest areas, outdoor spaces, and meditation zones. Workers who’d designed their own home offices around these concepts weren’t ready to give up these luxuries to return to the office. And CEOs were paying the price.

Countless hours of further fact-finding, research, brainstorming and round-table discussions led us to the development of our brand-new design-build service, Workplace Retreat.

A Workplace Retreat-designed office is the antidote to the real-world challenges faced by CEOs and the kind of space that employees dream of. Where’s the catch, you might ask? There isn’t one. Workplace Retreat delivers a timely, cost-effective, profit-boosting, and fully customized solution. A service that aligns with the needs of the employer – their space, timeline and budget – and the wants of employees.

A Workplace Retreat designed office is created to help employers overcome their challenges and deliver multi-layered, multi-area, multi-sensory spaces to every personality in the workspace. While creating a space that would make *every* employee happy and productive was a pipe dream to many employers, our Workplace Retreat design concept proved it was possible. The challenges that once burdened CEOs became opportunities for success with Workplace Retreat – and we’re really proud of having discovered the secret sauce!

2. Embellishing the employee experience at ESTI Warehouse

Our client ESTI Warehouse has a strong desire to lead the pack when it comes to delivering employee wellbeing. They came to us saying they wanted to attract and retain top talent and wanted a workspace that reflected this ambition.

We’re proud to say we delivered their dream office. What did the project look like? We delivered an industrial loft-style scheme that’s contemporary and fresh, and aligns perfectly with their industry. Blackened steel framed glass walls, open deck ceiling, authentic brick feature walls, polished concrete floors, and Iron Age furniture were all brought in to create ESTI’s very own Workplace Retreat. In the words of our client, “We’re super happy with the complete project. We spend more time at work than home and you have created a work environment that all our employees are very proud of.”

Lawyers Office

3. Saving money for a leading New York law firm, KDLM

We were thrilled to create a new office environment for Manhattan legal firm, KDLM. Along with delivering enhanced aesthetics and storage – and a fresh blend of collaborative and confidential spaces within the office – we were also proud to have saved the company a raft of future spendings. By creating new spaces within the existing office for the company to host events and meetings, we supported them to eliminate the ongoing costs they’d been laying out on the rental of external event spaces.

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4. Expanding PowerPak’s offices without disrupting their day-to-day operations

PowerPak Civil & Safety, the USA’s leading source for utility and infrastructure supplies came to us when they outgrew their office. Their team was growing every day and they wanted a new space with a “wow” factor. However, they also needed us to achieve this while their office space was occupied.

Moving staff to a new location while work got underway was not an option. And so we set to work. We delivered an open loft style space with high ceilings, lots of wood, high bay lighting and an orange color scheme to match the firm’s branding. We also made space for a mezzanine breakout area that overlooks a stunning 30-foot high wall mural of the New York City skyline. That the company was awarded the ‘2023 Great Place to Work award’ – meaning 90%+ of the company’s employees love working there compared to the 57% US average – said it all for us!

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5. Creating a space for Tweezerman where their team feel valued

Tweezerman International, LLC wanted to revamp their large outdated corporate office space in Port Washington, NY to better align with their sleek and clean image and to house their growing team. They asked us to address their existing workplace inefficiencies and create a space that would ‘make their employees feel their very best’. Light, bright, sleek, flexible were our design keywords. And the team loved the results. “Our new office space includes more casual workspaces along with increased natural light and modern collaboration areas equipped with state-of-the-art technology,” said the company’s CEO. “We are delighted to be part of a company that continually strives to be the best place to work.”

In conclusion

In every project we put our hand to, our goal is to make an environment where employers and employees win because that’s what drives success. If you’re ready to make a successful workplace for 2024, let’s schedule a call. You can download your copy of our WR book here.
And if you’re looking for further advice and expertise on creating an inspiring office environment – through a redesign and build-out – get in touch with us today .

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