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5 Office Design Considerations to Ensure Your “E”s are in Order

The Three E's of Building a Workplace that attracts and retains top talent.

5 Office Design Considerations to Ensure Your “E”s are in Order

There are so many considerations when it comes to office design. Coincidentally, some of the most important begin with the letter E:

An efficient office design that mirrors the workflow helps to keep things running smoothly and quickly. Things like having the most often used items in close proximity and minimizing back and forth handoffs are essential in preventing work log jams.

A work space that incorporates comfort, functionality and optimal health can boost morale and help increase productivity.

Repurposing and recycling when it makes sense minimizes waste which helps the Environment. That’s something everyone can feel good about.

An office design that brings people together to share ideas openly can foster innovative solutions that may not have been otherwise arrived at in the isolation of high walled cubicles.

Let’s face it, work can sometimes be hard. But if a great office design puts everyone in a better mood the minute they get to the office, it can help ease tension that can slow the wheels of progress.

Let RI Group help design your work space with “E”s!


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