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4 Ways To See If Office Redesign Is Music To Employee’s Ears

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4 Ways To See If Office Redesign Is Music To Employee’s Ears

An office redesign is a big deal. Although there may be sound business reasons for the change, the biggest impact will most likely be on the employees. After all, they are the ones on the ground handling the day-to-day business at hand.

A great way to help ensure you’re making the right decisions in the long run would be to solicit the entire organization for input, considerations, and suggestions. At the very least, it demonstrates that everyone has a stake in the company.

Here are just a few questions you could ask:

  1. Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
    Ask your staff if they think a move is necessary. The fact that they’re in the thick of things makes them privy to potential space issues. You may very well have the space you need but it’s just not being utilized wisely.
  2. Comfortably Numb?
    Is the staff comfortable OR numb? Ask what would improve the level of comfort in their workplace environment. More light? Ergonomic furniture? The list goes on, and some of the easiest, simplest solutions tend to get overshadowed by larger issues.
  3. Let ‘Em In?
    Continue to loop the staff in on the decision-making process, “Have we covered everything?” Be sure to communicate the reasons for giving the thumbs up or thumbs down to their ideas. In most every case, knowing why an idea isn’t used is a lot easier to accept than no explanation at all, and it shows that ideas truly were considered.
  4. Don’t Look Back?
    Quite the contrary, definitely look back! Once the redesign is complete, survey everyone one last time to ensure that all you set out to accomplish has been taken care of. A strategy like this, coupled with RI Group’s expertise just might have the staff singing your praises!

Is An Office Redesign Necessary?

After asking those questions, is it time for a redesign? If so, contact our team today.


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