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5 Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Office

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5 Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Office

5 Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Office

Here are a few things to keep in mind when embarking on a redesign project.

1. Is there enough space?
Often times, the decision to do a redesign project is driven by the need to make the best use of your current space. Be sure to allow enough new space for future growth, and build in some design flexibility so that areas can quickly be converted into different spaces to suit your different needs. RI Group will carry out a space-utilization study and test-fits to ensure your new design gives adequate space for each employee.

2. Is there a proper flow to the new design?
Time is money, and everywhere you can save time adds up. If workers are within close proximity of what they need close at hand, less time walking around translates into more time being productive. Does your department have a high level process involving multiple hand offs? Designing the space to mirror the process, like a chain from end to end, helps the “people-flow” match the workflow.

3. Is there an appropriate amount of privacy and common/communal space?
Managers and supervisors spend a great deal of time handling sensitive issues, as well as personnel issues. So it is important that they have the privacy they need. If your workers interact a great deal with each other, an open floor plan where they all face each other and can freely exchange ideas could be a better use of the space than secluding everyone behind high walls or doors.

4. Is the new space energy-efficient or eco-friendly?
Energy costs keep going up, so anywhere you can make improvements, like motion sensor light switches, etc., will positively affect company overhead. An added bonus these days is that there are many environmentally friendly options. There may even be incentives out there that make going green even more worthwhile.

5. Does the redesign and decor align with your industry and image?
Whether you are high-end or high-tech, or anything else in between, your office space is a reflection of you, your business and your industry. Much like dressing for a job interview, your office space design should put your best foot forward, creating the right first impression, which ultimately turns into the lasting perception. Keep in mind that your workplace tells a story – it speaks to your employees, clients and prospective employees and clients.


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