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10 Things Employees Hate About The Office

Classic office that employees do not like

10 Things Employees Hate About The Office

As an office design and construction team, we found this a hard blog title to write! But we can’t ignore the headlines. CEOs of top companies are still finding it hard to lure their teams back into the workplace. 

And they’re even offering all kinds of incentives – from in-office fine-dining to Lizzo concert tickets – and still facing resistance!

So what is it exactly that’s keeping staff away? And how on earth do you get them to come back when even the promise of gourmet food and fabulous nights out is not enough?

At RI Workplace we’ve been doing our own extensive research and have the results to share with you. Ready for our Top Ten countdown of worst workplace offenders?

Let’s go…

The 10 BIG Reasons Your Workforce Would Rather Work from Home

10: Too much noise

Excessive noise levels, whether from staff conversations, phone calls, or office equipment, can be distracting and disrupt concentration. It can be challenging to focus on tasks that require deep thought and attention. Your people are thinking ‘It’s much quieter at home, I get so much more work done there.’

9: Lack of privacy

Open office layouts and shared workspaces often result in a lack of privacy. Employees may feel uncomfortable or exposed when they need to have confidential conversations or engage in sensitive tasks. Add to that – an organization is made up of numerous personality types, neurodiversity types and team members with different preferred learning and teaching styles and you can see a one-size-fits-all approach to office layout is horribly outdated.

8: Poor air quality

Insufficient ventilation, stuffy air or even too much air flow can negatively affect the office environment. Employees may find it difficult to concentrate or feel physically uncomfortable in such conditions. Why work in those conditions when you can work at home in your own comfort zone? 

7: Inadequate lighting

Insufficient or harsh lighting can cause eyestrain, headaches, and fatigue. Poorly-lit spaces can also dampen the overall mood and productivity of employees. Why make the commute when you can work in your own well-lit home office?

6: Uncomfortable furniture

Unsupportive chairs, uncomfortable desks, or improper ergonomic setups can lead to physical discomfort and even chronic health issues like back pain or repetitive strain injuries. Why would an employee come to the office when it won’t only eat into their working day, but also negatively affect their posture!?

5: Lack of natural elements

The absence of natural light, plants, or outdoor views in the office can make the environment feel uninviting and contribute to a sense of disconnect from the natural world. This can negatively impact employee wellbeing and morale.

4: Overcrowding

Cramped workspaces, overcrowded common areas, or a lack of personal space can make employees feel claustrophobic, at risk of sickness and limit their ability to work comfortably. Effective, efficient space management and areas in which to disconnect and chill are a must.

3: Inadequate facilities

Limited access to clean and well-maintained restrooms, kitchens, or breakout areas can be frustrating for employees. Insufficient facilities can cause inconvenience and hinder employees’ ability to take breaks and recharge. Why come into the office when you can enjoy a restful, more hygienic break at home?

2: Temperature issues

Offices that are too hot or too cold can make employees uncomfortable and affect their productivity. Conflicting preferences for temperature within the office can also lead to disagreements and discomfort.

1: Lack of amenities

A lack of amenities or convenient services within or near the office, such as on-site dining options, fitness facilities, or childcare services, can make it challenging for employees to manage their personal lives alongside work.

To recap…

When you take all of the above into account, it’s clear to see why employees aren’t exactly rushing back to the office in droves. Especially when they have customized their at-home workspaces to be just the way they want them to be.

However, while this might sound ideal, there are downsides. Employees cite loneliness, lack of motivation and missing their teammates as side effects of home working. And on the other side of the fence, employers are battling with some of the worst productivity challenges they’ve faced in over a decade. The situation isn’t really ideal for anyone. 

The Solution

Office Solution to keeping top talent

At RI Workplace, we knew something had to give. And it’s why we created our Workplace Retreat design concept – a solution that achieves the best of both worlds. Happy connected employees, happy successful CEOs! Watch the video here to see how our creative design team can develop a workplace that answers to all the needs and wants of every employee, making working from home a hard choice!


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