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Strategic Workplace Evaluation

How will you adapt your workplace to new ways of working?

Tired of hearing ‘hybrid’ or the ‘new office normal’?
Worried your current workplace isn’t being used to its full potential?
Are your employees dissatisfied with their working setup?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, an impartial report carried out by our team of workplace experts can help you identify smart, tangible, and cost-effective solutions for your business.

What is Strategic Workplace Evaluation?

Workplace Evaluation Report

It’s an unbiased evaluation done by our team of experts to discover how your workplace functions. Now more than ever, businesses need to know if their physical workplace is operating to its full potential. After spending just a few days in your workplace we can provide an honest picture of how efficient your workplace really is.

We don’t just identify problems – we recommend a strategic pathway to a workplace that’s built to respond to change and deliver quantifiable results for your business.

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of tenants expected to increase their use of flex space as part of their post-pandemic work strategy
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of workers want a workplace that offers a destination for human connection
0 %
of US executives planning increased investment in conference rooms with enhanced tech connectivity
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employees prefer in-office collaboration for tasks like brainstorming and problem-solving

Why do I need a Strategic Workplace Evaluation?

In today’s competitive employment landscape, talented and experienced professionals demand more than a mere desk and chair. In order to attract and retain top talent, businesses must provide a workplace that is conducive to both high levels of productivity and high levels of employee engagement. By opting for a Strategic Workplace Evaluation, businesses can take their first steps toward meeting that demand.

This short, collaborative and fun evaluation helps you get an honest picture of how well your workplace is performing, without going to the trouble of committing to redesign projects and expensive plans that might not be the best solution to your challenges.




What do I get from a Strategic Workplace Evaluation?

Data-driven Insights

Forget industry jargon and pointless buzzwords. We provide a personalized and data-driven evaluation to help you make decisions that are informed and cost-effective.


A happy, productive workplace requires satisfied and motivated staff. That’s why we conduct in-depth, activity-based workshops, helping you identify and improve those cultures, behaviors and attitudes that form the foundation of your business.

Bespoke Improvement Plans

With a Strategic Workplace Evaluation, you’ll get more than just a report. You can expect a custom development strategy ready to present to your company board - outlining the key next steps you should take to ensure your workplace is streamlined & ready to respond to future challenges.

Strategic Workplace Evaluation: Our Process

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Analyze + Implement

How Workplaces Have Evolved

photo from offices of the 1960 era

1960’s - the hierarchical office

Bosses in the big room at the back. Colleagues together in rows of desks out front. The 1960’s office boasted a variety of work areas in which staff could move freely and work in privacy when required. These offices also allowed workers to personalize their immediate desk space.

Photo from offices from the 1980's

1980’s - the cubicle farm

Over time, the 1960’s layout evolved into a set-up where employees each had high, three-sided vertical divisions that defined their individual spaces. This later morphed into the cubicle of the 80’s and a move away from the ethos of office ‘freedom’ to cut-throat ‘productivity and profitability’.

Photo of offices from the early 2000's

2000’s - universal planning

The millennium saw the advent of the prototype co-working spaces. Offices became open plan. Technology and high-speed connectivity took center stage and redefined the way employees interacted. Alternative spaces and breakout areas became popular, allowing staff to socialize, bond, and take a break when needed.

2010’s - the designed office

This decade saw an explosion in ‘office design’. Bright and vibrant spaces with interior design styling, only seen previously in high-end residential spaces or commercial spaces such as bars and restaurants, became the order of the day. Beanbag areas, chill-out zones, and ping pong tables helped employees connect on a deeper level with their peers and workplace.

employee enjoying their modern office

2020’s - location agnostic

Covid changed the world of work forever. During the peak of the pandemic, offices closed, employees worked from home, and meetings and team brainstorming sessions took place virtually. With the world re-opening again, employees are returning to the office but on one condition: they don’t have to do the 9-5 anymore. Hybrid working is now the new thing. Workplaces have become flexible tech-powered hang-outs. Learn more about how you can adapt by contacting us today.

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