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Life Sciences Workspace Design

Life sciences and pharma leaders are known for their innovative and experimental approach to workplace design. It reflects and encourages the innovation and collaboration that happens in the workplace leading to the acceleration of new drug and therapy development. At RI we are proud to have helped life sciences and pharma leaders achieve success in their laboratories and workspaces through the application of cutting-edge design.

Life-changing work in
life-changing spaces

RI can either work with you to advise on a specific step of your design and innovation journey - an early workplace evaluation, or a data-led design roadmap, for instance - or we can take full responsibility for your entire project from the outset. From conception to completion.

We bring together a full portfolio of design, compliance, project management and construction service specialists, to deliver one point-of-contact. This unified approach ensures continuity, peace of mind and cost-effectiveness over the entire lifecycle of your project.

As part of our design and build approach we will be with you through the early ideas stage - gaining a detailed understanding of your technical and special considerations along with overall goals and workplace culture - to the final delivery of your new workspace.

Why choose RI for your
Life Sciences workspace?

We have a passion for designing laboratories and pharmaceutical workspaces - along with expertise in working with leaders to understand their company purpose and mission.

In today’s new work landscape, we know there are certain projects that can be accomplished from different locations. However, in our experience, the work of high-speed research and development also requires a future-proofed physical location in which specific steps and activities can be carried out.

We love to help our clients reimagine their facilities through the use of future-proofed design, adaptable equipment and cutting-edge technology - all of which work to increase collaboration and bring new therapies to patients faster.

Request a meeting to talk through your vision for your life sciences facility today. We would love to support you on your design journey.