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Is your lease expiring? Perhaps your company is experiencing rapid growth? Are you at a juncture where you’re evaluating whether your current office space is fit for purpose, or whether it’s time for a new way of working?

If you think it’s time for a refresh, we’re here to help.

Location, brand identity and culture all have a huge impact on the innovation and productivity of your organization. Our Workplace Advisory service begins right at the beginning, with us offering advice before any workplace changes are made – meaning you’ll never have to pay for unnecessary, generic building plans that you regret.

We listen to your company’s current and future business plans, take the time to get to know and understand your business, your values, your employees, and the day-to-day running of your workplace. 


With input from your team, we’ll help advise you on the changes possible within your existing space, or tell you if we think an office relocation would be more beneficial.

Our intelligent workplace design team is informed by data.

Our in-depth research enables us to identify areas of untapped potential and plan routes to success. Surveys, space usage patterns, workshops, and behavioral studies are just some methods we use to gain invaluable insight into your work environment.

As part of our collaborative approach to design, we’ll create a matrix for you, illustrating which areas of your workspace work well and which need improvement.

We add a third dimension to our matrix too: highlighting what may need to change in the future, based on the following factors:

• Projected business growth
• Need to attract, motivate and retain top talent
• Changes in technology
• Changes in marketing and sales methods
• Social changes and hybrid work arrangements
• Health and wellness concerns
• Increased visibility to clients

Once we’ve carried out our in-depth evaluation of your workplace, our next step is tailoring the perfect design scheme for your organization - one unique to your company, your culture and your aspirations.